Systems Biology

Morphogenesis of renal structures

Why would you acquire a simulator?

Training and Education
  • Promote active learning by allowing the learner to conduct “what-if” experiments.
  • Complement real lab training with safe and cost-effective in virtuo experimentations.
  • Extend “standard” serious games into powerful learning tools that span all the cognitive aspects of learning: from learning-by-doing to learning-by-exploring.
Biopharma and Biotech Research
  • Complements “omics” and subcellular network models by a cell and multi-cellular level phenotypic modeling approach.
  • Simulate multi-cellular micro-environments and higher integrated levels of tissue and biological systems’ organization.
  • Simulate bio-processes as predictive tools for drug development and production.
  • Incorporate mechanistic models to complement current statistical analysis tools that are applied to experimental design and process optimization.


Multi-scale modeling of the kidney